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"Tasty Tuesday"

20% OFF Manager’s Favorite Products (Flower, Extract, Cartridge, Edible, Tincture and Topical)! Pre-rolls Start at $1.50/.5g! Restrictions apply.

Veterans stack additional 10% off  

THC Barbur Green Leaf Specials

  • $2 half-gram Green Leaf Special Prerolls
  • HUSH 50mg Gummies $4.10/ea
  • SDK 50mg Chocolate Chip Cookies $5.00/ea
  • CannaCrisp 50mg Rice Crispy Treats $5.00/ea
  • 50mg Milk Chocolate PB Bombs $6.00/ea
  • HONU 50mg One-Piece Chocolate $7.50/ea
  • Emerald Extracts BHO $10.00/g
  • Beaucoup THC/CBD Hard Candy $10.00/ea
  • Medicine Farms Dragon Blend Salve $10.00/ea
  • Select Elite 1g Cartridges $40.00/ea
**Taxes not included. Offer's cannot be combined. Green Leaf Specials cannot be further discounted except for Veterans.**

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