City of Sonora to sue California over statewide marijuana delivery policy

The city of Sonora, in central California, plans to file suit against the state Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) over a policy adopted in 2018 that allows commercial marijuana to be delivered anywhere in the state, regardless of local bans on MJ commerce.According to The Union Democrat, the Sonora City Council voted 5-0 to proceed with litigation over the matter, and city officials believe they won’t be the last municipality to take the state to court over MJ delivery.“It won’t just be us,”


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Study Indicates Dabbing is Most Efficient Way to Smoke Cannabis

According to a study published in the February issue of Forensic Science International, dabbing is the most efficient method of inhaling cannabis.Based on the findings, dabbing is a much more efficient way of absorbing cannabinoids. More than three-quarters of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are absorbed into the lungs when dabbing. Smoking cannabis, on the other hand, destroys about three-quarters of the available THC, leaving only up to 27 percent of the THC that is absorbed by the

Snoop Dogg’s cannabis company facing legal battle from NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs over ‘copying’ logo

Snoop Dogg has become embroiled in a legal quarrel with one of the NHL’s biggest brands after the Toronto Maple Leafs opposed the rapper’s bid to trademark his new cannabis company. Snoop, referred to in the legal paperwork for the trademark by his real name Calvin Broadus, was attempting to protect the intellectual property and branding of his marijuana start-up Leafs by Snoop and filed for a trademark in July last year. The Maple Leafs insist that the ‘unusual spelling of Leafs could lead to