Jim Belushi’s Rogue Lair Farm joins the THC family (and flower menu!)

Jim Belushi was IN THE HOUSE(!!!) Tuesday. He stopped by to meet with all the great people of Molalla. Jim’s been busy farming, growing some strains of pot that have been around since the 70’s! Some of the strains currentlty in production are the ones smoked by the original cast of SNL, procured for them by none other than Captain Jack! Coming soon (currently growing) are some of Captain Jack’s strains from the mountains of mazar e sharif in Afghanistan. These are very unique pheno types of Gulzar Afghanistan strains.
Look for a new brand of joints, the Blues Brothers brand, later this year from Jim featuring this rare strain. He had been talking with Dan Aykroyd about getting out quality flower for everyone to enjoy and that was when the decision was made to roll out the "Blues Brothers," using Captain Jack’s Gulzar Afghanistan strains. If you get the opportunity to talk with Captian Jack, you’ll find out HE LIKES TO GET HIGH!! REAL HIGH!! We eagerly await the release of this new line (can’t wait to try this flower!!).
Currently, we have Jim’s Chocolate Hashberry, Diamond OG, Trainwreck, GSC, OG Cookies and Snowman Cookies available. The Chocolate Hashberry has a chocolate nose on the flower which comes through, and is tasted when smoked. The high is all Indica and goes straight to your (eye) lids. We enjoy this strain for its unique flavor (DEEELICIOUS!!!) and heavy hitting (over 24% THC) power!
From Jim’s Private Vault-Diamond OG is another great tasting super stoney Indica that hits your mind, giving you that instant "fog" stone. The stoney effects of its Indica heritage keep building for a while after smoking. The flower has the piney-spicy-citrus flavor with diesel undertones. Check out the "diamond sparkle" – no magnifying glass needed!!
All of Jim’s pot we have smoked has been so smooth, the word really is CLEAN. The taste is clean & the hit is clean. All of us at THC, who back in the day grew medically, having smoked it, are impressed by the quality of the smoke. You can taste the that this flower has been properly cultivated and cured.
Regarding Jim’s other strains, we here at THC have not yet had the time to give each strain its "fully smoked" evaluations, at the time of this publishing, so I cannot as yet report on them. However, that’s part of the fun!! Our mission continues….