All day Tuesday, 7/10/2018, Join us at THC for our 7:10 SALE. We will have $4.00 grams of Degenerate shatter, $10 & $15 grams of White Label Extracts, 25% off all other extracts, and 30% off all oil rigs. (*Excludes green leaf specials*not to be combined with any other discount/offer.)

Jim Belushi’s Rogue Lair Farm joins the THC family (and flower menu!)

Jim Belushi was IN THE HOUSE(!!!) Tuesday. He stopped by to meet with all the great people of Molalla. Jim’s been busy farming, growing some strains of pot that have been around since the 70’s! Some of the strains currentlty in production are the ones smoked by the original cast of SNL, procured for them by none other than Captain Jack! Coming soon (currently growing) are some of Captain Jack’s strains from the mountains of mazar e sharif in Afghanistan. These are very unique pheno types of

Jim Belushi Day July 3rd, 2018!

Just a quick post to let those who did not have the opportunity to meet with Jim Belushi today that we hope we can have him back again so you do get the opportunity. Thank you Molalla!!