OLCC Rejects Per Se Traffic Safety Laws for Cannabis

In a report recently released by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, they found that intoxication due to alcohol is the greatest contributor to motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, there was no evidence of an “epidemic of THC-related collisions” since cannabis legalization. They also rejected the idea of per se limits for cannabis use. (Per se limits mean the act itself is inherently criminal, even with no demonstrable impairment.) This could eventually help to determine the difference in

SB 301: Oregon’s Proposed Protection for Cannabis-Consuming Employees

Senate Bill 301 would prohibit employers from requiring employees to refrain from using state-legal substances on their days off from work; it would also prohibit employers from firing/not hiring an individual who uses any state-legal substance during nonworking hours. This bill would protect medical patients and recreational partakers alike. Read the full article from marijuana.com by clicking the leaf below.


The Drug Enforcement Agency has recently removed some of the misinformation regarding the potential dangers of cannabis use from their website. One article was called “The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse”, and indicated that cannabis use caused psychosis, cancer, and destroyed cognitive function. These changes were made as a result of a petition filed by Americans for Safe Access, a nonprofit group advocating for marijuana to be recognized for it’s medical function. The petition


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